IT Solutions & Networking
Computer network support & maintenance services are crucial for a business's key performance today, with proper tools & knowledge it can save your business the expense & disruption of downtime.

Our IT Maintenance Contract provides seamless IT maintenance, network, server & computer support for business of all sizes in Singapore. Performing IT maintenance services on your computer, server & network regularly, you can ensure that your office IT systems are up to standard. Well maintained systems are also easier to trouble-shoot in the event of any issue arising.

At IT Connectionz, we provide Yearly IT Preventive Maintenance Package & Ad-Hoc Support Service for all our clients.

IT Asset Management

ITC helps you to enhance performance & achieve optimal life-cycle management of IT assets. Proper documentation & tracking of hardware / software IT assets can assist managers in strategic IT decision making as well as to manage IT portfolio effectively in the area of cost & governance.

Preventive Maintenance

As ITC gets familiar with your network & computer systems, our strategies revolve around constant monitoring & improvement of clients' IT environment in order to minimize compromising to security & maintain system availability.

Immediate Response

Whenever problem arises, our engineers will offer assistance via remote desktop support & most issues can be resolved immediately. More complicated issues, our engineers will deploy on-site to solve the issues & offer computer repair services & additional monitoring to ensure problem does not persist.

IT Maintenance & Services

Computer network support & maintenance services are fundamental to a business's key performance & should be treated as an on-going exercise as IT is ever evolving. With proper tools & knowledge, it can save your expenses & reduce downtime. You may be able to deal with minor issues but what about problems which are unable to resolve?

By engaging an IT maintenance company, you are ensured your company IT systems are up to standard, well-maintained & easier to troubleshoot should problem arises.

ITC offers computer & networking services to our clients. Services includes: setup, troubleshooting, IT network maintenance, computer laptop repair & general assistance across a  wide variety of systems.